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Ideal Coatings for Garage Floors

There are many coatings available for garage floors.

Garage floors withstand the most physical pressure of any floor in the house yet are often the most unloved when it comes to how they’re treated (think dirty shoes, oil stains, dust and dirty tyres!).

Concrete is a default material for garage flooring and with a coating can be transformed into another room of your home!

We discuss the different options available so you can choose the best floor coating for your garage:

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring uses a combination of resin and hardener to form a plastic material, which is applied on top of a concrete surface. It makes the concrete floor stain and moisture resistant, as well as being extremely hard wearing and durable. Epoxy flooring offers undeniable longevity when compared to other garage floor options.

Offering the same durability as regular epoxy flooring, flake epoxy flooring transforms the garage into an extension of your home. The flake makes the floor a feature and is more visually appealing than standard flooring

Latex paint

Latex paint is the most affordable option for a garage floor coating. Latex paint is available in a range of colours however it offers very little protection for the garage floor and doesn’t adhere well; tending to chip, flake or peel under little pressure.


Tiled flooring have quite recently started to be used, with a few options available. However they are one of the most expensive to apply professionally and can be prone to chipping, which may not be the most suitable flooring option for your garage.

Although plain concrete will be the cheapest option for your garage, if you want to transform it into an extra room of your home, the best option by far for your garage floor is epoxy flooring.

Epoxy garage floors are certainly worth the extra cost for its visual aesthetic, stain resistance and longevity, it ticks all the boxes!

It is significantly growing in popularity and considered a must have for any new build or renovation.

If you still need convincing or help deciding on the best garage floor coating for your home, a professional such as Southeast Concrete Resurfacing can help you decide.

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