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Is it time for your driveway, patio, alfresco or pool area to get a makeover? Look no further than spraycrete to turn your bland and boring concrete surface into a stylish masterpiece by applying concrete stencilling Brisbane wide.

Quality concreting is an art, especially when it comes to spraycrete in Brisbane. At South East Concrete Resurfacing, all of our applicators are highly experienced and fully licenced in providing spraycrete and concrete stencilling services.

Spraycrete is always prepared and applied meticulously by our resurfacing specialists. We take great pride in what we do so you can trust that we will deliver the highest quality result for every spraycrete Brisbane job we complete.

What is Spraycrete?

Spraycrete is the process of applying a concrete coating of sprayed concrete to an existing slab, transforming it into an attractive, hard wearing surface. It’s an efficient concrete resurfacing method that will enhance any concrete area in both look and functionality.

A concrete coating can be applied to any plain concrete surface as long the structural integrity of the pavement is sound. Spraycrete is easy to apply and holds a soft and more malleable texture when compared to standard concrete flooring. This concrete resurfacing product can also simulate tiles and paved bricks.

Not only is spraycrete decorative, but it is also a functional and safe surface. We are proud to offer quality spraycrete Brisbane wide that really does tick all the boxes, so contact us today for more information about transforming your outdoor concrete surface.

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How is Spraycrete Applied?

Spraycrete is a spray down concrete resurfacing system that can be applied directly to any plain concrete surface. The concrete coating is a cement-based polymer made up of various sized aggregates.

When applying spraycrete, the first step is to clean the surface with a high-pressure cleaner. Surrounding areas such as walls and other floor surfaces must then be covered to prevent overspray as the spraycrete is being applied.

If there are any cracks in the concrete, they will be repaired first before a base coat is applied over the entire surface. The border is the first place that is sprayed with spraycrete before a stencil is laid out over the concrete if required. Spraycrete is then applied over the entire surface area resulting in a high quality concrete stencilling result.

After the stencil is removed, two coats of clear sealer is covered over the surface to seal it in. So if you’re looking for concrete stencilling Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast wide, you have come to the right place.

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The Benefits of Spraycrete

Concrete stencilling with Spraycrete is the perfect solution for giving your concrete area a great new look. From driveways, and pathways to patios and pool surrounds, our spraycrete services can be used just about anywhere. This product is highly sought after with its non-slip and soft texture which prevents cars from sliding on driveways and is perfect for entertaining areas and where kids play. With endless designs and colours on offer, you can create the perfect look and add value to your home.

Standard concrete will make any space look drab, but spraycrete can drastically improve the appearance of any area quickly and easily. Spraycrete can be applied in a number of creative ways including stencilled concrete, stamped concrete and decorative resurfacing. You can also choose between a number of custom concrete finishes to create a unique and stunning look.

Lessen the chance of slips and falls on your driveway, patio or around your pool area with a simple application of high-quality spraycrete. This thin coating of concrete will add more traction to your surface and make it less slippery.

A variety of colours and materials can be applied to the spraycrete mix providing a wealth of colour and design combinations to complement your outdoor space. A custom appearance can be created by applying colour stains over the finished surface and incorporating one-of-a-kind designs and patterns. You can even replicate the look of tiles, cobblestones, bricks or pavers. The options are endless!

Both simple and elaborate designs can be incorporated into your concrete surface with spraycrete to match either your home or commercial building. Spraycrete is perfectly suited for a retail shop front, enticing customers to your door with an eye-catching pathway or driveway.

Spraycrete concrete resurfacing will stand the test of time. With the same strength of concrete combined with the added benefits of slip-resistance and two coats of sealant, the surface will continue to look great for years to come. You can expect your brand new spraycrete surface to have a lifespan of over 20 years as long as the surface is well maintained.


The driveway is one of the first things people will see when entering your home or business, so you want to make a great first impression. In Brisbane, spraycrete has to be one of the best and most efficient ways to get your driveway looking better than ever.

Many people settle for standard concrete on their driveway, but it becomes cracked and tarnished over time. You won’t have that problem with spraycrete! Not only does it look great, but it also has the strength and durability to withstand the pressure of vehicles regularly driving over the surface. And, the gripped surface spraycrete prevents vehicles from slipping and sliding on a wet driveway.

spraycrete swimming pool

Pool Surrounds

Your pool area should be a fun and lively place for your friends and family to enjoy, and it should also be safe especially if you have kids running around. Spraycrete is ideal for pool areas because it is both slip-resistant and looks great. Concrete stencilling in Brisbane can also be included to add an eye-catching design element to your pool area.

Bricks and pavers are often a popular choice to surround a pool area but if the surface around your pool is already concrete, save money and effort and receive a superior result by choosing spraycrete instead. The slip resistance found in this concrete coating option makes it ideal for pool areas.

Patios and Alfresco Areas

Many people seek out a more attractive surface than standard concrete for their patio area, and often turn to tiles, but spraycrete in Brisbane is becoming more and more popular. 

That’s because you can easily replicate the look of tiles in your patio without the risk of them getting cracked or tarnished, thanks to spraycrete superior strength and durability. 

It’s the best alternative to tiles, brick and stone.

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If it’s time to improve your bland or cracked concrete surface, don’t hesitate to incorporate spraycrete and concrete stencilling in Brisbane with unique design and colour combinations to add the wow factor to your outdoor area.

Contact us at South East Concrete Resurfacing today at 0488 148 889 or send us an online enquiry for beautiful, functional spraycrete concrete coating Brisbane wide.

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