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Resurfacing your driveway

Your driveway has to tolerate a lot of wear and tear. The elements, as well as heavy vehicle traffic mean at some point it is likely to look tired and in need of some TLC. Resurfacing your driveway can make it look good as new, revitalise the look of your home and significantly extend its life!

But how tired is your driveway? Is it just in need of a revamp or are there further signs of wear and tear such as cracks or damage that may make it unsuitable for resurfacing?

Is my driveway suitable to be resurfaced?

If your driveway has light cosmetic cracks, scaling or small potholes – then good news! It can be successfully resurfaced.

Cracks less than ¼ wide can be easily repaired and filled during the resurfacing process. These naturally occur after time and aren’t usually a sign of deeper damage and pose no threat to the integrity of your driveway.

When can’t my driveway be resurfaced?

If your driveway has significantly deep, widespread cracks or the concrete is sinking then it will likely not be suitable for resurfacing and will need a full replacement.

In this case your driveway will probably be 20+ years old and at that point replacing over resurfacing may be a more suitable and less expensive option in the long run.

These larger cracks indicate issues with the strength and integrity of your driveway. Resurfacing will more than likely be a temporary fix and could be a waste of money if a full replacement of your driveway is due shortly after.

Want to revamp your driveway but not sure if it’s suitable for resurfacing?

A concrete resurfacing professional such as Southeast Concrete Resurfacing will provide you with their honest and experienced opinion as to whether resurfacing your driveway is the right option for you!

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