Revamp your pool area with UV resistant flake flooring

The pool area is an area that has to whether the harsh sun in Southeast Queensland almost all year round.

Epoxy flooring is the strongest and most durable flooring option around. It can be applied to a concrete slab and is resistant to the harsh affects of UV rays, making it a perfect option to revamp the bland, out-dated flooring of your pool area.

Flake flooring is a method that adds coloured flakes to the floor, available in a variety of colours, giving you a creative finish to match your exterior.

Benefits of epoxy flake flooring:

By revamping your pool area with flake flooring, not only will it look brand new whilst being assured it will stand the test of time!

If you are looking for a new, durable, UV resistant, slip-resistant, and great looking flooring option for your pool – Southeast Concrete Resurfacing is an Epoxy flooring specialists who cover the whole of South East Queensland. Being highly experienced in epoxy flooring – your pool area dreams will be turned into reality!

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