What is the best material to use around my pool deck?

Installing or updating your pool can be a big, expensive decision! However, it does have the power to transform your lifestyle or revamp your outdoor aesthetic. When researching the pool of your dreams you will also have to consider the material that you use around your pool deck.

What is the best material to use for your pool deck?

First, we need to explore the options as tastes differ and each option will give your pool a different look and feel.

Pool deck characteristics

Whichever option you choose; it’s important your pool deck is:

What are the options to use for your pool deck in Brisbane?

Spray on coatings

Spraycrete is ideal for pool areas as it looks fantastic and is slip resistant, making it the ideal surface for your friends and family to enjoy. Spraycrete can be applied to any surface, meaning you can revamp your brick or paver pool space at a fraction of the cost compared to changing the materials entirely or spray over a relatively cost effective poured concrete slab to create the area of your dreams.

Poured concrete

This is a relatively cheap material that is cool on foot, however it can be slippery when wet. By adding a non slip coating you can reduce the slip risks but the cost will be increased and maintenance will be higher. In addition to this, it may not make the most suitable material for the South East Queensland climate as temperature fluctuations can cause concrete to crack.

Concrete pavers

Concrete pavers are less likely to crack compared to poured concrete; but laying them is expensive and they can look less than modern. Weeds can also grow between pavers, which can make them pretty high maintenance to keep looking tidy!


Tiled areas around pools are attractive, but they do run the risk of being slippery and being prone to being hot underfoot on sunny days.


Wood is a timeless option, but one that comes with regular maintenance requirements. Wood will need to be treated regularly to ensure it doesn’t soak up water, splinter or look tired from fading with the abundance of sunlight it will be subjected to.

With many options to choose from for concrete stencilling you can create an eye-catching design that matches the aesthetics of your home and outdoor space. Whatever you choose, adding a pool is a major investment and you want to carefully consider your options to ensure you are happy with the results for years to come!

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